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Why Cooperate with Us?

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We do not store coffees, all of our coffees are coming directly from the coffee farmers.
We will guarantee you that our coffees are fresh, unlike many big companies which store their coffees for years in the warehouses.

Inspection Companies


We will handle the coffees professionally.
Before delivering your coffees we will ensure that the coffees are quarantined and inspected by professional handlers and companies to prevent any quality loss during shipments.
We also provide additional fumigatory services to countries which require it and optional third-party inspections for pre-shipment.

Worldwide Shipping


We will ship our coffees worldwide and we also offer you with many different delivery options.
If you want to get your coffees faster, you could choose a fast airfreight option which delivers in about 1-4 days based on your location.
If you want to save more money, you could use the sea freight option to transport the coffees.

What Will You Get?

Green Coffee Bean

Fresh Coffee Beans Directly from the Farmers

All of our coffees are guaranteed fresh from the farmers. We do not store coffees, all of the coffees are directly picked from the farmers.
Direct Trade Logo

Direct Trade Coffee

All of the coffees are traded directly with the farmers. With this Direct Trade movement, the farmers will get a higher revenue compared to the Fair Trade movement and at the same time also helping them to grow better quality coffees.
Sustainable Development

Supporting Sustainable Development

Some of our companies profit will be donated to the coffee farmers to help them get better equipment and organic fertilizers to help them grow their coffees and to support sustainable development.
Organic Coffee

Organic Coffees

All of our coffees are organically grown. There is no pesticide involved in growing the coffees. Many of our coffee farmers are already certified by UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, European BIO, and many more.
Coffee Contract

Specialty Grade Coffees with a Fair Price

Since we deliver our coffees directly from our farmers, we could give you a fairly lower price compared to our competitors. If you order in a big volume, you could also negotiate for a discount.
Coffee Inspection

Optional Inspection Services

We are offering additional services by professional certified inspection services to analyze the qualities of the coffees before it is delivered to you.

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