Java Ijen-Raung Single Origin Arabica Coffee

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The Ijen-Raung Highland already has a big reputation as a Arabica coffee producer since 18th century and it has been known in the coffee world market as the Java Coffee. This Java Ijen Arabica coffee plantation is located at the height between 900 – 1,500 meter above the sea level with an average temperature of 15-25° C and it is very suitable to plant the Arabica Java Ijen-Raung coffee. The local communities around Ijen-Raung highland really knows how to plant and process coffees from upstream to downstream. The cupping test scores with the medium roast profile ranging from 81,27-84,88 and it is classified as one of the specialty coffee according to Specialty Coffee Association of America with a dominant sweet and spicy flavour.




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Cupping Score Chart

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Cupping Score Certificate

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Report of Analysis Java Ijen

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Java Ijen Coffee Geographical Indication Certificate
Cupping Score Analysis Java Ijen
Report of Analysis Cover Java Ijen
Report of Analysis Java Ijen

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